Sierra Eldridge
Sierra Eldridge | 
Syracuse, New York native who believes every season is Rosé szn. When I’m not running MCU, you can find me at work as a digital marketing strategist, buying yet another pair of black ankle booties, or rewatching Breaking Bad.

Leigh Eron | leeeliz
Fledgling New Yorker with big dreams and my heart in too many places. Forever working up the publishing ladder while writing, soaking up the music scene, or dashing off to a Magical place in Orlando, FL you might have heard of.

Sarah Spohn |  : TheUnknownSpohn
Michigander who goes to concerts like it’s her job. Knows how to walk with a purpose and always enjoys a good press pass. Forever using one too many puns, Beatles references, and inserting timeless Billy Madison jokes at inappropriate times.