Under The Covers: Coast Modern – “Electric Feel”

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.48.06 AM.png

Last time we spoke to Coast Modern, the band was on tour with Temper Trap and getting ready to release their debut LP. Since then they’ve been busy writing and recording in LA and now the time is approaching for them to release new music! They are also about to head out on a headlining tour across the country.

The duo just dropped a new cover of MGMT’s “Electric Feel,” and we’re loving this fun take on the track. Read what the band had to say about their decision to cover it from start to finish.

Coast Modern: Back in December, we asked our fans what song we should cover and “Electric Feel” was the most popular answer. Luckily for us it’s an iconic song and one that inspired us back when it came out and steadily since then, so it was a breeze jumping into the production.

Coleman got an analogue synth after wanting one for years and decided to break it in on the cover. It was a ton of fun picking the song apart to figure out how they wrote it, obviously giving ourselves a ton of creative freedom between the various parts. The synth solo at the end was the most fun part of the production process, I guess that’s what happens when you “do what you feel now!”

When we play it live we’re going to stay truer to the original version… as the tour progresses we may start adding bits from our cover back in. MGMT are a massive influence and it was a treat to create this and give it to our fans!


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