Creation Stories: Leilani Wolfgramm


Leilani Wolfgramm got her start in music from an early age.  She comes from a musical family, and started writing when she was just a kid.  When speaking with the artist, she explained that her brothers had a reggae band they would let her join in when they were younger.  Then she moved to California as a solo act and immediately started touring.

Describing her touring experience, Wolfgramm commented on a show memory also involving her brothers: “I remember playing with my brothers and seeing my eldest, the lead singer, get too wasted [and] end the set after 3 songs and throw up off the stage. It was eye opening, like damn, this is really happening we can’t edit this it’s all live, it’s all Life and anything can happen. When things go wrong, which they always do, I’m reminded that I’m alive.”

In terms of who she would want to tour with, Wolfgramm reflected on the way Twenty-One Pilots has inspired her.  She called them “incredible live,” and felt she would learn a lot from a shared tour.

But a lot of the singer-songwriter’s inspiration comes from her own life.  She clearly values her brothers, and has learned a great deal from them.  With her latest track, “The Trail,” Wolfgramm commented that she was inspired by her childhood: “where I grew up, how I grew up, who I grew up with.” Finally just saying, “I’m from the ‘the trail.'”
She also confessed that given a choice for the “soundtrack of her life,” the “entire works of the Manchester Orchestra” would be the perfect fit.

Along with that inspiration, Wolfgramm admitted that her favorite place to write is in the car, going on long drives and just talking to herself.  When she’s not playing her own songs, a favorite cover is Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.”

Catch Wolgramm on her  national tour with The Green to celebrate the release of her new EP, due out February 23.


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