Feature Friday: Olivia Nelson


It’s looking like January is shaping up to be a good month for singer-songwriter Olivia Nelson.  The London native made a splash in 2017, truly kickstarting her career and living a long awaited dream.

Nelson got to be a part of ​Jarreau ​Vandal’s ​”Someone ​That ​You ​Love,” which grew attention from Apple​ ​Music​ and BBC​ ​1Xtra.  The song is also up to over 5 million streams.  On her own, the soulful popstar released her own singles, “Cleopatra” and “Up All Night,” as well.

With influences from artists like Lauryn​ ​Hill​, Stevie​ ​Wonder​, Frank​ ​Ocean​, Prince​, John​ ​Mayer​ ​& Whitney​ ​Houston, Nelson is breaking through 2018 with her latest hit, “Hideaway.”  This time Vandal is featured on Nelson’s track, and a whirlwind of sound sets it off.  While Nelson keeps it simple, her voice is still compelling, and you can sense the talent.  It is a great setup for the upcoming releases scheduled for later in the month.

January will also see Olivia Nelson’s debut at Sofar ​Sounds ​London, something fans across the pond will definitely want to check out.  For now, take a listen to Nelson on Spotify.


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