Feature Friday: Smoke Season

SmokeSeasonFall 2017_MAINSmoke Season have come on our radar fresh off their UK tour and with new single, “Wolves.” The LA-based duo recently underwent a change in the creative direction of their sound, and if “Wolves” is any indication, we are all for it. The two strive for a solid, catchy beat, paired with a full range of vocals from lead singer Gabrielle Wortman. They’ve also been blessed in the collab department, with songs coming out with The Beastie Boys’ Mix Master Mike, as well as Sonny Diperri.

Describing the inspiration behind “Wolves,” I️ could only think of the beginning of La La Land gone wrong. Wortman explained “that the song came about in the throws of a fiery argument that resulted in one of them exiting the car on a rush-hour filled LA freeway while driving to a writing session.” That’s quite the creative image of inspiration, and I️ love how it adds to emotion and meaning behind the song.

Check out Smoke Season’s “Wolves,” and look for new music soon.


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