Show Review: Izzy Bizu

Last night the West side showed up to welcome bright new singer-songwriter Izzy Bizu. Hailing from the UK, Izzy has only recently begun to make her breakthrough in the States. But with the help of RED MUSIC and Richard Nash (SVP/Urban Promotion), she has had plenty of opportunity to get recognized.

Tonight’s events began with a cocktail reception introducing and welcoming Izzy, followed by a brief set from the rising starlet. She opened with her famous release, “Diamond,” which perfectly showcased the “diamond in the rough” that Izzy herself is. Her final song was the real mover, though. “What Makes You Happy” had the inner Izzy come out and you could tell just how intimate she gets with her music. What was more was the true art that transferred that emotion into the crowd. It was like a wave sent through the people as they moved and felt everything right along with the performance. She even kept that intimacy up at the end of the night by offering the audience the chance to grab a Polaroid from her travels throughout the tour. They were beautifully displayed and it was kind of fun to feel included along her journey.

Nash closed the night by coming onstage and congratulating Izzy and welcoming her to the scene. It was clear that she was nervous, but in an excited way, and one that will have her coming into herself the more she performs and continues to grow. Nash seems to have it right, and I do believe we’ll be seeing more of Izzy Bizu.


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