EP Review: TwiceYoung – “Uneven Kind”

Twiceyoung Uneven Kind

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our friends – electronic pop duo Twiceyoung. We featured their music back in 2014, and now they’ve just released their third EP, “Uneven Kind” on October 20. The music outfit is made up of Tyler Laspopoulos and Ethan Kattau, via Philly and are now Nashville-based.  They’ve seen success with 1600 subscribers on YouTube, and online streaming at 4000 streams on Spotify. Entertainment Weekly even named them as “destined to be a cult sensation, if not something bigger.”

The four-track EP, “Uneven Kind” would make for good study music, or a nice soundtrack for those times when you’re sitting at your computer, procrastinating from finishing assignments or paperwork. The guitars, synths and backbeats provide a trance-like mood. It’s not ballad music that focuses on crystal clear lyrics, or an obvious emotional delivery.

Even though it’s not entirely instrumental, this Twiceyoung collection sounds more along the lines of atmospheric music. The vocals never overpower the background experimentation and flowy, aerated sonic sounds.

“Don’t Go Too Far” reminds listeners that Twiceyoung is still learning the important lessons of life, and that mistakes are going to be made, especially in our youth. But is it too late? Can we go back? Perhaps, if we too, are twice young. Revisiting the past can be a cathartic experience, but going too far back and not focusing on the future could also be detrimental.

The last track, “Change Your Love” sounds the most likely to be receive placement in T.V. and/or movies, as many of their former tracks have landed spots on MTV, CW, Teen Nick, and VH1. “Change Your Love” is a change in the sound of the rest of the EP, with an acoustic guitar intro. This is contrasted from the electronic vibes the rest of the songs give off.

It also helps to show the group’s versatility and slight variance in moods the two can create sonically. While the layers of vocals make it hard to pick up on the lyrics, there’s a definite mood created with fading out of the strings at the end.  I can picture this as a song to accompany a heartbreaking emergency room scene of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Overall, if you’re a fan of easy-going, trance-y electronic pop soundtracks to your daily life, Twiceyoung is worth a listen. It could take a spin or two, but Twiceyoung’s new EP “Uneven Kind” might just, oddly enough, take you on a contemplative journey of your own life: your formative youth, current stance, and dreams of the future.


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