Feature Friday: CHMBRS

CHMBRSFeature by Sarah Spohn

Australian dreamy dark pop singer-songwriter CHMBRS recently released her debut single, “Rabbit Hole” on Sept. 21 and accompanying artistic music video via VEVO. Her upcoming EP “Exordium” is a four track collection, showcasing the Aussie’s deepest, darkest, most vulnerable highs and lows. Her influences include Banks, Halsey, Paramore, and Broods.

The finished product is a polished sounding electro-pop single, with dark, moody vocals. “Rabbit Hole” is about directions, feeling like you’re being pulled in both ways at the same time, and trying to deal with fears and anxiety. Something CHMBRS has felt for a while, trying to fit into various genres in the music industry. Stuck in this labyrinth, searching for my destiny. I could be here for years. Which way – is it left or right?

The second track, “The One” tells the classic tale of falling – this time for someone, and not down the rabbit hole and inevitably ending up let down.

“Rise” is a more upbeat anthem about not backing down, though not with sunshiney-lyrics. While the message is about getting back up again, it’s delivered in a somber package. If you’re a fan of Tim Burton films, it seems like you’d dig this track, which has rock influences.

This taste of blood I remember, embracing the fear keeps me strong. If I go down, I’ll go like a cannon. ‘Til then, I’ll fight.

The last track on the EP “Hebetude” begins with a piano intro, a stark contrast to the other tunes on the EP. It showcases the most intimate, and soul-bearing, sensitive vocals from CHMBRS that we’ve heard yet. No heavy production to create drama, just a beautiful, vulnerable delivery from the Aussie. Fans of Adele will appreciate the heart-wrenching ballad.

Falling down the rabbit holes of self-doubt and anxiety often leads to even darker places, but CHMBRS EP “Exordium” is a perfect example of the light that can come out of trying times. The journey she takes her listeners on over the four track collection is heartbreaking, triumphant, morose and yet beautiful.



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