Feature: Mainland’s Favorite Tour Spots


LA indie rockers Mainland are hitting the road with The Wrecks + The Technicolors this November! They have some awesome tracks headed our way soon, including their latest single “I Found God.”

The trio shared with us their top 5 favorite cities on their upcoming fall tour and their favorite destinations along the way. Do you recognize any of the locations? Let us know!

Ortiz’s Taco Shop – San Diego

When it comes to finding a bite, we always search out the “local institution.” We’re essentially looking for places preserving their area’s local character, places that have maintained their quirks and eccentricities over the years. San Diego’s Ortiz’s taqueria is a perfect example. Tucked away in Point Loma, this taco spot has us showing up sometimes twice a day when we’re in town. Their secret probably lies in their flour tortillas which are somehow soft and crispy at the same time. The California burrito is a must have – they fill it with carnitas and french fries in the classic San Diego style.

Amoeba Records – San Francisco

San Francisco’s Amoeba Records was always a place of pilgrimage for us as kids and it still ranks as one of the best record stores out there. We’re record collectors and this well-curated store with its huge inventory is always on our list. They also have a great stage for in-store performances and we saw our friends Dreamers play there last year.

Third Man Records – Nashville

Nashville has always been at the top of our list of favorite cities and we’re excited to be playing again. Last time we were in Nashville we made a trip to Jack White’s Third Man Records. The place is equal parts recording studio, record store and novelty gift shop and you can find all sorts of rare White Stripes b-sides as well as the entire Third Man record catalogue. They also have a refurbished Voice-O-Graph booth where you can record a song directly to 6”.

Southside Guitars – New York City

We started our band in New York and it was crucial to have a local guitar store that we could rely on. Southside Guitars is right around the corner from where we used to live and has probably the greatest collection of vintage guitars, amps and pedals in all of New York. We played a lot of shows in New York and busted a lot of gear. Southside guitars was always there for us with repairs.

Paesano’s Philly-Style – Philadelphia

There are plenty of places in Philly competing for the title of best cheese steak but Paesanos seems totally unconcerned with the contest. We stumbled into this place after our sound check at the Foundry and sat down at the counter starving. From where we were sitting we watched them grill up their messy italian sandwiches and our lives were changed forever. Their broccoli rabe and pork shoulder sandwich or eggplant parm are a must have.


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