5 Songs To Start Off Your Week

“Savage” – Whethen ft. Flux Pavilion & MAX
Stumbled upon this song last week and it’s been on repeat ever since. Perfect timing too as I’m seeing MAX later today and Whethan next month!

“Burn the Night Away” -There For Tomorrow
This is definitely a throwback, but I just love that opening acoustic and all the emotion Micah packs in.

“Too Much to Ask” -Niall Horan”
Niall was always my favorite Directioner, so hearing anything new from him is always exciting.

“Silver Springs (Remastered 2004 Edition) – Fleetwood Mac
Why this song wouldn’t make an album the first time around is beyond me. But I’m feeling #blessed that it made the Rumours deluxe version. Such a hauntingly beautiful lyrics by Stevie Nicks.

 ¡Hola! – Hollyn
#NMF delivered some awesome songs and new artists, Hollyn being one of them.  ¡Hola! gives us super groovy end of summer vibes.



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