Feature Friday: Beachwood Coyotes

Feature by Sarah Spohn

Sometimes you stumble upon things. Sometimes you trip. Hard. Sometimes you do both. Jason did. And he barely got out alive.

After taking acid and deciding a hike to the Hollywood sign was a good idea, Jason Nott headed toward the trails when he saw a group of coyotes coming at him. He turned away and went back home, feeling defeated.

The next morning, he woke up to hear that three people were killed – decapitated on that same exact path and time he had been scared away. After feeling beaten down and lost for quite some time, suddenly it was clear to guitar player Jason. He had to start another band.

And there you have it – Beachwood Coyotes’ origin story sounds like that of a tall tale, but it’s the real deal; scary and all.

After adding Drew Smith (bass), Bryan King (drums), Yan Clermont (guitar), Beachwood Coyotes begin crafting loud pop melodies and DIY light shows. Now, the LA band’s latest single “I’m Tired of Rolling My Eyes”, brings up another sampling of influences. This time, the band utilizes electronic retro ‘80s sounds, hip hop and funk samples into the mix, produced by Austen Moret. The single, while upbeat and seemingly positive, does have a darker, heavier symbolism. The song was inspired by the unsettling race relations in the current state of America.

Along similar lines as Grouplove, The Clash, and The Pixies, Beachwood Coyotes knows how to create an undeniably catchy tune, with a backbone. Their EP, “Scrubby” is scheduled to be released Sept.6 with a special release party at the Satellite in Los Angeles, California.

Sometimes life kicks you down, other times fate literally guides you away from a near-death experience. It’s clear that this band, their sound, their songs, and their purpose – it was meant to happen for a reason. Sometimes it takes a bizarre turn of events to make you shift your perspective, and decide going for it is just the only damn option.

Sometimes life isn’t so great, it can be a …well, just a beach. And on those bad days, Beachwood Coyote’s infectious rock sounds can be a guiding light away from the darkness.


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