5 Songs To Start Off Your Week

“Friends (ft. BloodPop)” – Justin Bieber
Will the Biebs ever release something I didn’t like? Probably not. Now excuse me while I play this song on an infinite loop.

“Cold” – The Social Animals
Fall time is creepin’ in, and while it’s sad to see summer come to an end — that means we have headlining FALL TOURS to look forward to!

“dRuNk” – ZAYN
It’s crazy to think that summer’s almost over, and I’m pretty this song represents most of our goals. Whether we achieved it or not, well, hope you saved the snaps.

“Always” – Tor Miller
I sadly missed Tor Miller opening for Maggie Rogers on Thursday at Brooklyn Steel, but I am a huge fan of the artist’s powerful and catchy track.

“Take Me” – Aly & AJ
The former Disney Channel stars are back with their first track in 10 years. If you didn’t feel old already, you’re welcome. But this track definitely surpasses my expectations.


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