Creation Stories (+ Giveaway!!): Paper Chains

Paper Chains - Press Shot - LARGE

This week we caught up with Paper Chains, an eclectic duo based in LA.  Originally from New York, the two have come a long way making music, but still have big dreams for the future.  They take inspiration from art and fashion, coming together for a truly unique mix.

Check out what Stereo Diamonds and Jonny had to say about their music, and where the band might be headed.

To help us celebrate our fifth year anniversary here at MCU, Paper Chains will also be part of a contest giveaway.  See more info below!

How did the duo come together?

We were on each other’s radar for a few years back in New York City, but never connected to make music. We were caught up in our own worlds, but we left NYC and came to Los Angeles looking for the same thing and then we linked up.

Who or what has inspired your sound and latest video”Do It While We’re Young”?

It comes from something we’d say to each-other. We have these amazing original ideas but it takes a lot of work to actually make them happen so we encourage each other, if your going to do something, do it now, do it while we’re young.

Is there a story behind your band name?

Funny no one has ever asked us this question before.  Yes there’s a story that no one would ever expect. We were at One Church in Hollywood, and Devon Franklin was speaking.  He had a massive heavy chain link wrapped around him walking up and down the aisles. He said “These chains mean nothing, they are just holding you down, don’t let them hold you down…these are all just paper chains, nothing can stop you, nothing can break you down, you are unstoppable.” We looked at each other and thought that summed up what this project is for us. A reminder that nothing can hold your spirit back, that things were made to be broken.

What is your favorite show memory?

Playing The Viper Room for the first time. It’s a Los Angeles rite of passage and was the first time our name was on a marquee!!!

What would be your dream tour and why?

Jonny:  A WORLD tour. We want to see how they do it in each corner of the world, to be exposed to all the sights and local scenes.

Stereo:  Def. a world tour!  I’m dying to get on tour!  Just to travel the world, play shows, and connect with all new types of people would just be a dream come true.  Also, I would love to sell all our merch and cool re-designed vintage at all our shows around the world.

Tell us about your writing process; any unusual quirks?

We mostly write in November/December. We make endless notes and references, and in November/December we sit and put it all together hopefully writing thirty (good) songs. Then we’ll play them as a “band” and settle with ten songs that we’ll have ready for the New Year. Other ideas just come up out of nowhere based on our day to day life and we don’t discriminate, sometimes the best ideas come out of testing our gear at rehearsal.

 What’s your favorite song to cover?

Jonny: Tough to say. I’m not a big cover artist…I like “On Fire” by Sebadoh but NOBODY will know that.

Stereo: Yeah, I’m not a big cover artist either.  I used to cover Tamia’s “You Put a Move on My Heart” and Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Dull Life,” but I have not worked on a cover in a while.

If you were to create a “soundtrack to your life,” what songs would be on it?

Oh man, this is def. a tough one.  Here we go: Michael Jackson “Scream,” Metric “Monster Hospital,” The Whitest Boy Alive “Burning,” Siouxsie and the Banshees “Christine,” Patti Smith “Horses,” Madonna “Erotica,” Lykke Li “Little Bit,” Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Dull Life,” Cat Power “Ruin,” Cherry Glazerr “Lucid Dreams,” Tribe Called Quest “Ego,” The Doors “People Are Strange,” Frank Ocean “Ivy,” Nas “One Mic,” Kanye West “Real Friends,” and Jay Z “Lost One.” There’s so many more…but those are a few of my favorites.

Would you like to add anything else?

We’re playing with our camera finishing some new videos to tide y’all over till new music in the fall… stay tuned!!

Contest Entry Details:

  1. Follow @MusicCreatesUs and @PaperChains on Twitter
  2. Retweet this post to enter
  3. Winner will be announced August 20 and will win a t-shirt from Paper Chains

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