Feature Friday: Port Cities


When music encompasses different decades, varied styles, cross-cultural influences, and unique sounds in the same song, it can be hard to swallow. The end result can seem jumbled around, or all over the place sonically. Thankfully, this is not the case with Canadian band Port Cities. Just as their name suggests, the band is the epitome of importing and exporting goods, ideas and cultures – forever changing the landscape of the locals. Port Cities’ newest single, “Where Have You Been” will be released on Sept. 22 alongside a double A-side “In the Dark” via Turtlemusik.

The single takes the blinders off of the tunnel vision of love, and demonstrates how things aren’t always perfect in relationships. Fights ensue, regrets are inevitable, stories become lies, and doors get slammed. It’s life. It’s love. It’s real.

(Oh, are you tired of acting tough / Oh, don’t say you’ve had enough / Oh, come wash away your sin / Oh, where have you been)

Three separate musicians came together, forming Port Cities, though that was never the plan. Sometimes things work better as a collective than individual parts could ever do on their own. Carleton Stone, Dylan Guthro and Breagh MacKinnon create a balance amongst contrasted rustic, billowy Southwest Americana winds and a tinge of Nashville slide guitar and banjo, woven in and out of a woodsy Alice in Wonderland maze. Perhaps that’s the influence of the Victorian-era gardens that the current band-home-base Nova Scotia is known for.

“Where Have You Been” opens the door to an entire, whimsical world of cross-cultural influences that blend beautifully in a harbor full of heart and harmonies.  If this track is any indication of what the soon-to-be-released double A-side entails, then add Port Cities as your next stop on your travel bucket list.


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