5 Songs To Start Off Your Week

“Home is Such a Lonely Place” – blink -182
There are plenty of people who think this pop punk mainstay should have never even been ‘a thing,’ let alone make a new album last year — without lead singer Mark Hoppus. But after “California” came out, I quickly realized I was always #TeamTom DeLonge. In my opinion, their newer, more mature album is what the kids would say “on point.”

“Idle Worship” – Paramore
I keep finding new favorites from Paramore’s latest album, After Laughter, and this track has been on repeat all week.

“Living Louder” – The Cab
Not sure if it’s because Music Creates Us’ 5th anniversary is coming up (more details on that soon!) But I’ve been listening to The Cab a lot lately! This song has always been a favorite and inspiration for the MCU creators.

“Such A Boy” – Astrid S
Almost every girl can relate to this song. “Such A Boy” is definitely a good track for any breakup playlist.

“Don’t Worry Baby” – The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys were the first concert I ever went to, at the age of like 3 or 4. And I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since. Also, who could forget the adorkable scene in “Never Been Kissed” on the baseball diamond at the end of the movie? Perfect.


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