Album Review: Meg Mac “Low Blows”

Excited to see her dream come to fruition, Meg Mac is finally ready to release her debut album–Low Blows.  The singer-songwriter had our attention back in April with her title track, “Low Blows,” and we are just as excited to review her album in entirety.

The album starts with “Grace Gold,” a perfect intro to those who may not be familiar with Meg Mac.  Immediately asking, “Have you heard about Grace?” Mac sets the tone for her album, letting everyone know she is an artist to look out for.

Mac follows up with “Low Blows” and then slows it down a little with “Don’t Need Permission,” a song that speaks to the underdog or the dreamer.  It could definitely be a mantra for the artist, or any artist in general who feels pushed around or challenged to change who they’re meant to be just to make it big.  Mac says, “gotta be selfish, take it or leave it,” in an attempt to encourage you to be true to yourself.  It’s at this point where I get vibes of Tori Kelly and Katelyn Tarver, and I love it.  The former continues with the next track, “Kindness,” as well.

“Cages” explores the lower ranges of Mac’s voice, but is not one of the standouts on the record.  “Didn’t Want to Go So Low” unfortunately does just that, slowing it down once again.  “Shiny Bright” and “Brooklyn Apartment” fall in line with these more somber songs, too.  “Brooklyn Apartment” has a sweet message of home, showcasing how much of a lyricist Meg Mac really is.

But “Ride It” turns it around, taking that soulful jazz feel and bringing some life through the pure emotion in Meg Mac’s voice.  I can see this as the perfect song in a movie as the girl goes off to make a better life for herself–empowerment at its finest.

“Maybe It’s My First Time” is a little more fun, a little more sensual.  It carries the piano typical to Meg Mac, and has an added quirk that keeps you bobbing along.  Finally, “Morning” starts with a unique beat that takes me back to the days of Marvin Gaye and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”  I’d count that as an embodiment of Meg Mac herself, and I love that elements of the classics can still exist today in new, artful ways.

Be sure to check out Low Blows when it comes out tomorrow, July 14.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommended Songs:
“Low Blows”
“Ride It”



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