Feature Friday: Wildling


Alternative LA rock band Wildling premiered their music video for “Lilywhite,” on June 26. The band is made up of brothers Ryan (vocals, guitar), and Justin Levine (bass), Andrew Ampaya (keyboard), Erik Janson (guitar), and Casey Wojtalewicz (drums). After a tour with Young the Giant, spots on EA Sports and ABC’s show “Nashville,” Wildling finally put pen to paper and signed with Warner Bros.

The “Lilywhite” single is produced by Joe Chiccarelli (The Strokes, The Killers, Young the Giant), with Alex Salibian (Harry Styles, Elle King).

While this isn’t the band’s first song, it is the first greeting with a fancy Warner Bros. bow on it. It’s not a just a quick hello though, rather, one of those long gazes from across the room. It’s the slow walking up to you, the anticipation, anxious fear and excitement growing at what the prospect could be. It’s the warm smile and slight glint in a stranger’s eyes that somehow draw you in, even before they introduce or shake your hand. And for one moment, it all clicks. It’s chemistry, and it’s totally unexpected, but it hits you like a ton of bricks. You two hit it off, and you can’t imagine this chance meeting, your blissful brain just thinking of what a courtship this could be.

The music video is palpable, full of racing hearts, regrets and a broken plant. It details relationships, temptations, cheating, crawling back and the vicious cycle of all things love and lust. Much like the couple depicted, Wildling – to the ears, is like one of those things you just can’t quit. You’ll find yourself crawling back, time and time again — because truthfully, it feels right, and you don’t want it to end.

There’s a ghost in my pocket, I can use it on the weekend. Thought I could drop it, but it’s pulling at my loose ends.

Wildling is an infectious Los Angeles alt-rock band that with its hooks, easygoing melody, and catchy chorus, is one that might just be too irresistible to say no to.  If you fall for them, we won’t tell. But we will say we told you so.


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