Under The Covers: Light It Up – “Eyes Closed” (Halsey)

unnamed (9).jpg

New England alternative rock band Light It Up shows off the power of transformation in their newest release, an edgy version of Halsey’s “Eyes Closed.” This version of “Eyes Closed” is the first taste of their upcoming transition into a new sound.

Light It Up is a five piece female fronted alternative rock band from the suburbs of New Haven, Connecticut. After only being a band since September 2016, Light It Up is on the way to making a name for themselves.

Read what the band had to say about covering the track and how their transitioning into their new style.

We chose this song to cover because we all love Halsey, and figured this song would be the best way to show our fans our new style, transitioning to a new sound is never easy and I think this cover just opened up so much more for us. When writing this cover we still wanted to keep our Alternative Rock/Pop sound in it so what we wanted to do was still keep the same energy and emotion Halsey had when she wrote it, but just made it a bit heavier by adding guitars and drums, and kept the same flow.

When it comes down to it, what we really enjoyed playing and recording was the buildups in the song that led up to the climax and drop of the song, it’s so fun and so fulfilling being able to portray so much emotion into 3 minutes. Overall recording this song was a definite challenge because we wanted to keep it original but we also wanted to make it scream “Light it Up” as well. This is our way of showing the world that you can put your own twist on anything

When revealing a cover on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, you really just have to wait and hope that people will like it because you can’t really see their faces to see if they like it or not. You have to rely on thumbs up/down, comments, shares and even articles to be made to see how your cover really did. Playing the cover live you can see the reaction on people’s faces in real-time and you see the reception as soon as the song is over which is really cool because seeing peoples faces light up when the song starts is a way better feeling then when releasing it because you just play a waiting game.​


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