5 Songs To Start Off Your Week

“I’m on Fire (acoustic)” – Corey Harper
It’s one of my favorite songs by Bruce Springsteen, and it feels young and fresh again. Kudos to this kid Corey Harper for covering the Boss so gracefully. Also, check out more from Corey in this week’s Feature Friday!

“Don’t Matter Now” – George Ezra
This song sounds so summery. With the brass, and the “do do dooo” chorus, it makes me want to sway in the breeze and swim on the beach while singing this song.

“All I Can Think About Is You” – Coldplay
I love Coldplay. Sounds reminiscent of old Coldplay, and it feels good to be back. Everything they do seems to revolve around the idea of mutli-colored rainbow prisms, kaleidoscopes, constellations and hot air balloons and this lyric video is no different. This artwork is no different. Will we ever be as cool as Coldplay? Probably not.

“Chill Out” – RAY BLK
Seeing her perform this weekend really brought this music to life, plus there’s a little bit of a throwback mixed in the chorus.

“Run to You” – Whitney Houston
Watched The Bodyguard for the first time (I know, I know), and of course can’t get enough Whitney now.


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