Feature Friday: VŌS

Feature by Sarah Spohn

London VŌS is a powertrip electropop duo, delivering a shiny polished gem of a track, “Patience.” The pair gets by with a little help from their friends as well as makes music alongside them, with mastering by John Davis (Lana Del Ray, Twigs, Royal Blood) and mixing by Julian Kindred (Ellie Goulding, James Blake).

The magic started at a house party and continues to burn brighter as VŌS has been making music for over a year now. “Patience” is the duo’s first self-released single inspired by wandering hearts, past losses, the present moment and all of the ups, downs and various paces and paths one can take on the journey of love.

There’s something in me that I continue to find/you want me to give my all to you/I know you’re losing patience/ you can give me just a little more time.

For anyone that’s ever felt like life moves too slow, yet gets anxious when things pick up the pace, might we suggest you take a seat. Listen to this single, and yes, be a little more patient. There’s so much out there in life, with fears of missing out constantly. Sometimes, it’s nice to take a backseat and let things just play out as they will. An upbeat alt-pop single as the soundtrack to those musings doesn’t hurt either. And so you have “Patience.”


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