Playlist: Lola Marsh

Lola Marsh

Tel Aviv based duo, Lola Marsh are gearing up to release their wistful and dreamy debut album, Remember Roses, due June 9. Forming in 2011 when the two met at a party and began playing songs on Gil’s father’s old guitar, Yael and Gil have been featured by a ton of tastemakers like Interview, Indie Shuffle, NPR and more.

The duo shared with us the songs and artists that have influenced them while writing the album, check out their picks below.

“K.V” – Marble Sounds
Beautiful song – the part with the flute is so magical.

“Morning Fog” – Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi
We think that “Rome” is one of most beautiful albums ever. And this 40 second track is so unique.

“Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” – Edith Piaf
One of Yaeli’s favorite singers. She’s even mentioned in one of our songs!

“Formidable” – Stromae
Strong, powerful, moving song. Stromae shows us how to be emotional yet elegant.

“Nights in White Satin” – The Moody Blues
We always say that our song “She’s a Rainbow is inspired by this song.
It’s one of these songs that will definitely live forever.

“Should Have Known Better” – Sufjan Stevens
Everything about this song is perfect. His singing, the melody, the lyrics. His last album, Carry and Lowell, is an album that we deeply love and we are inspired by.

“Something Good” – The Sound of Music
Julie Andrews was Yaeli’s role model for years, and this song and movie always made her feel good.

“Dogs” – Pink Floyd
One of Gil’s favorite songs.

“For a Few Dollars More” – Theme song from For A Few Dollars More
What a whistle! Love western movies. A great muse for us!

“Let it Happen” – Tame impala
We were so lucky to meet this awesome band in person in a festival in Slovakia. This band has it all – the sound, the songs! And they are really cool people as well. 🙂


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