Creation Stories: Kid Astray

Kid Astray

Kid Astray,  just recently signed to Sony Music, have had major success the beginning of this year and have more tracks and a forthcoming EP later this fall. 

The Norwegian 5-piece has influences ranging from MGMT to Passion Pit, and have intentions of creating hugely enjoyable pop music.

Check out what the  band said below about how they came together, what they’re working on, and what makes up the soundtrack of their life.

How did the band come together?

Kid Astray came to life about seven years ago, although Alex, Benjamin, Håkon and Elizabeth (who left the band last summer) had been playing together for a while already. It was actually quite a coincidence that Jakob and I (Even) joined the band, as we didn’t really know the other guys. Luckily we quickly became close friends, and we still are.

Who or what has inspired your sound and upcoming EP?

This time around Benjamin will do the producing, so what you’ll hear is pure Kid Astray. As for what inspires him musically? I know for a fact his two main interests are Michael Jackson and FIFA, so you’ll probably be able to hear just a touch of both in the new material.

Is there a story behind your band name?

Not really, sadly. We simply sat down, came up with different suggestions, and discussed them. Recently we found the old list of band name suggestions, and let’s just say there were some REALLY bad names up for consideration. It’s embarrassing to even think about what the outcome could have been.

What is your favorite show memory?

We’ve had a couple of great tours over the past few years – last year we went to Japan for instance. Coming from literally the opposite side of the earth  and having no idea what to expect, it was a heartwarming surprise to find that we have a lot of dedicated fans over there. Arigato.

What would be your dream tour and why?

Wherever all that sweet sweet $$$$$$$ is.

Tell us about your writing process; any unusual quirks?

Benjamin is the key creative mind in the writing – a lot of good music come out of his head. However we’re all working together on this, and when we’re all sitting together in our studio and something great happens – that’s maybe the best feeling of them all.

What’s your favorite song to cover?

“Wide Eyes” by Mustard Pimp ft. Chali 2na. We play it during sound check sometimes. Great track, bad ass bass line.

If you were to create a “soundtrack to your life,” what songs would be on it?

Definitely some 90’s hits, since we’re all born in ‘94. Since we all sang along to Boomfunk MC’s “Freestyler” in nonsense-English, it deserves a spot on the list. “Free styla! Maca maca flow!” Other that that, it would have to be “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” on repeat.

Would you like to add anything else?

Thanks for having us!


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