Interview: Maggie Lindemann

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We had the opportunity to talk to singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann, and she opened up about a lot more than just her music. Lindemann is an inspiration for girls and musicians alike, and told us a little bit more about her struggles with bipolar disorder and bullying. It’s an important topic to be aware of and we’re grateful Lindemann was willing to share her story. 

Your debut single, “Pretty Girl,” has become a hit–congratulations! It’s a bit of a defiant anthem, and the video showcases a group of women in a psychiatric hospital. What inspired the track, and how did you come up with the concept for the video?

I have always been told, as well as a lot of others, that I will never be anything more than just a pretty face. People will try silencing my opinions or views because I’m just a “pretty girl” so I don’t know anything, basically. And I wanted people to see that I’m way more than that and what I say does matter. I’ve been through “some shit” and I wanted the music video to kind of show a little snippet of my life and things I have been through. Every part of the music video is a part of something I’ve gone through and tells a story of my life.

It’s really bold of you to open up about bipolar disorder and bullying. Can you tell us how that has impacted your music career or song writing process?

I think that it has made the song writing process a lot more meaningful and deeper because I am able to go to those dark points in my life. It makes writing a lot more real and natural.

You were also able to navigate Instagram to gain your following. How did that come about, and what was the hardest thing about that?

[]Most of my following actually came after I started putting out music. The hardest part about having social media followers before releasing music was that a lot of people don’t take you seriously because they see you as just a social media kid, but I’m way more than that.

Do you have any advice for musicians starting out who might be struggling with issues similar to yours?

I think that you really just need to keep your focus and always do what you feel is right for you. Don’t let your struggles take over.

What’s next? Do you have plans for a follow-up single, or album?

I can’t talk much about what’s next but I have been in the studio a lot working on something pretty exciting!


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