Album Review: Lovely Little Lonely


It’s amazing to see a band from our youth still going strong.  Such is the case with Arizona natives, The Maine, who just released their sixth studio album, Lovely Little Lonely.  What’s even more exciting is being pulled right back into a band that helped shape our formative years in our own career as music fans and bloggers.  Lovely Little Lonely definitely takes me back to The Maine that got me through senior year of high school.  The sound is similar and the lyrics just as relatable, only they fit an audience as we have grown.

Different from the last couple albums (Pioneer and American Candy to be specific), Lovely Little Lonely has that traditional alternative pop sound that is so easy to fall in love with.  Songs like “Taxi” and “Don’t Come Down” are catchy and attention grabbing.  And yet “Taxi” has this whole other layer to it when you listen to the lyrics: “Is the sadness everlasting?” “Love, I think it is…”  There’s a sense of adulthood to this track, and a look at the reality that we live in when it comes to anxiety and what loneliness and depression can truly mean for a person.

I also love how throughout the album there is a respective track for each word in the title.  It’s symbolic and unique, and I think it shows even more how The Maine has grown as a band.  It seems a bold move, and they pull it off well.

“Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” is another favorite, and clearly a good choice for a single.  Again, it grasps the truth behind relationships today, and how hard it is to start out and articulate just what you’re feeling.  Similarly, “I Only Wanna Talk to You” also hit home for me.  All in all, I love the honesty of this album, and how perfectly John O’Callaghan and The Maine have managed to blend that honesty with both music and lyrics.  I’m even more excited now to see these songs brought to fruition live at the end of the month at Webster Hall in New York.

Rating: 4.5/5
Recommended Songs:
“Black Butterflies and Deja Vu”
“I Only Wanna Talk to You”


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