Feature Friday: Tors

Feature by Sarah Spohn

UK indie folk band Tors, based out of Devon, is releasing their “Merry Go Round” EP Friday, April 7 via Wilder Days Recordings. The Devon-based band has musical lineage in its blood, fronted by Matt and Theo Weedon, who are grandsons of Bert Weedon. Bert was the first British guitarist with a hit on the UK Singles Chart in 1959. He’s been noted as an inspiration for many modern-day musicians including Eric Clapton, the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pete Townshend, and Jimmy Page.

The title-track from the EP, “Merry Go Round,” takes listeners on a ride, though not a roller coaster this time, but rather – you guessed it, round and round. The intro has a little bit of deserted saloon-sound with the hearty guitar, and once the vocal harmonies come in, you could certainly feel the cold in the air, leaving you with chills.  

She was always spinnin’ the wrong way around, tryin’ to find love on the merry go round.

She falls faster than anyone, she calls out to the setting sun and the lights go out and the ride shuts down.

Tors reminds people it’s not only okay to feel something deeper, but some might argue it’s the point of listening to music. With so many options and a seemingly endless supply of different tracks at your fingertips, choosing one artist or one song to sit down and listen to seems impossible. Flooded with ads by Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, suggestions, and automatically queued tracks, navigating music can be tricky. The Tors honestly and genuinely demand attention, with their meaningful poignant lyrics, and goose bump-giving harmonies.

If sugary pop is your thing, proceed ahead. If you’re ready for thought-provoking lyrics that you won’t hear in the club, you’ve found your home – stay awhile.

Just like the lyrics in “Merry Go Round,” She’ll keep on dreaming, always believin’ there is hope, the band reminds listeners that following your dreams and your passions is always worth it.

It’s tracks like this that give me hope for the music biz. I’ve heard one too many over-produced tracks where lyrics aren’t poignant, they don’t tell a story want to read, with characters, an arc, and a resolution. And it’s not just a fluke either, the band has seen its share of radio and streaming success, with other singles including “Hold Me,” landing spots on BBC 6Music, Radio X and Spotify in the UK and US.

It’s indie bands like this that always restore my faith that music matters, and it’s for raw talent like this that we do this.

Tors’ harmonies seem pure enough to be considered religious, or at least spiritual, and that will only be amplified at their next show at London’s St Pancras Church on April 28. The church is no stranger to history, dating back to the early 1800’s. The Beatles took photographs in the courtyard for promotional material for “The While Album” and “Hey Jude.” Sam Smith performed two shows in the church in 2013, with his live take of “I’ve Told You Now” on a deluxe version of his album.  

If the magnificent history and brush with musical legends that their next venue holds is any sign of what lies ahead for this indie folk outlet, Tors is well on its way to leaving a lasting impression in the industry.


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