Feature Friday: Lucas Nord

Lucas NordFeature by Sarah Spohn

Pop/ R&B Swedish artist Lucas Nord might have found a way to get down with the industry, by messing up. “Mess It Up” is a retro synth-inspired ode to failed relationships, and an admittance of craving and ultimately, mistakes.

The track came to life from a treasure amongst trash, courtesy of Brooklyn. Lucas Nord, Roger Kleinman, Zach Seman and Theo Seman wrote and recorded “Mess Up” after they stumbled upon a broken Roland SH-101 synth on the sidewalk. The pitch was off and the sound wasn’t normal, but it proved to be the perfect bass sample.

The single brings a sense of old-school sounds, bass grooves, a little bit of 80’s dance vibes, combined with pop harmonies. The feel-good song about bad relationships will likely become a dance club hit and unofficial theme song of the summer. His last track, “Run on Love,” featuring Tove Lo, made it to no.1 on the Dance Club Songs Chart on Billboard.

“I can’t see it now, what it’s all about, I just crave it. Still I’ll mess it up. ‘Cause I lost my head, but I won’t regret how I crave it. Still I’ll mess it up,” Lucas recites. If you’re in the mood for a swag-filled synth song, don’t mess up by not tuning the dial to “Mess It Up.”


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