Behind The Song: Ayelle – “Issues”


Swedish-Iranian songstress Ayelle kicked off 2017 with latest single “Issues”. Produced by the Berlin duo BLYNE,  “Issues” is yet another confronting track from the London based artist. “Issues” deals with an abusive relationship and the aftermath that follows.

Ayelle is known for speaking her mind in her music. Regarding her track, “Machine;” The Line of Best Fit called it a “blunt takedown of society’s view of women.”

We spoke with Ayelle about the track, the writing process, and her favorite line from “Issues.” Read what she had to say below.

“I wrote ‘Issues’ as a means of coping with a difficult situation. Most people have assumed that it’s about a romantic relationship but it was actually inspired by someone much closer to home.

That being said, it’s a song about dealing with the aftermath of a relationship with an abusive person, and regardless of who that person might be there is a dynamic there which I think anyone who’s been through anything similar can relate to, whether it’s with a partner, family member or friend.

The writing process came about pretty naturally. Berlin duo BLYNE were in London for a week or two and we got together over at Sarm studios for a few sessions where we wrote the track. We started it from scratch, I had something on my mind and there was just a good vibe, so the song just poured out.

Even though the song carries some heavy feelings, there’s still a feel good vibe to it, which is the dichotomy that I enjoyed the most about writing it. There’s a playfulness that supersedes the sadness, which made processing the emotion more bearable.

May favorite line is ‘I may have issues, I may have wanted it to be different’, cause there’s an acceptance of the situation at that point which I think is crucial to moving on. And ultimately, this song represents the final piece of resistance to a situation that has passed, remaining only in the mind as emotional pain that we must learn to let go of.”


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