Behind The Song: Bells Atlas – “NCAT”

Bells Atlas

Oakland-based pop-soul band Bells Atlas recently unveiled their latest single, “N C A T.”

Bells Atlas also shared, “Nothing Comes After This (NCAT) is about the feeling when you know a relationship has run it’s course. All of the little things have added up to something so big that they have eclipsed the light that the relationship once brought. It touches on feeling both empowered and heartbroken, because change is rarely easy.”

They chatted with us about the writing process of the track. Check out what they had to say below.

“‘NCAT’ started as an instrumental beat that was written over a Bob Azzam sample from the song ‘Rain Go Away.’ It’s a pretty classic drum break, but it was inspiring to get the instrumental going.

From there, we worked from a lyric that Sandra improvised while singing to the instrumental which was ‘Nothing Comes After This.’ We thought it was a fitting sentiment to write from, and went with that feeling in mind. The rest happened pretty quick.

Bass and guitar happened in a day, and the song had its shape quickly. We replaced the drum break with Geneva playing drums over everything that was in place.

That was kind of a highlight of the process because we just smoked a joint together and she knocked it out in one take in her basement!

We often write songs that go to a lot of different places, and this one felt special because it just coasts on the groove for so much of the song.”


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