Feature Friday: Rainsford


RAINSFORD PUB 1_ credit Frankie Marin.jpg
Photo Credit: Frankie Marin

A talent rising from an eclectic background in both location and interpretation of sound comes this week’s Feature Friday, Rainsford. Rainsford is the embodiment of Rainey Qualley, a born New Yorker, bred Southerner, and current LA-based musician.

Her upbringing channeled the traditional soul of sound, but through her love of dance and growth as an artist, Rainsford adapted into the indie-pop world. There is an aura of class to her sound, with a reminiscent look into the ’80s and ’90s that our generation so loves. But Rainsford can also keep her voice and momentum upbeat–which is perfect for today’s world.

It’s also clear that dance and its movements have influenced Rainsford’s sound, particularly lending to the thematic qualities that overtake her songs. “Too Close” is one such track, and a definite favorite here at MCU. She also dropped a new track, “Sweet Spot” on Friday. Rainsford is different but inspired, something worth admiring and checking out for yourself.


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