Behind The Song: Noah Kahan – “Young Blood”

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Small town Vermont native, and new Republic Records signee Noah Kahan just released his debut single, “Young Blood,” last Friday.  The 20 year old songwriter writes songs that are laced with a youthful wisdom and his writing reflects the universal feeling of being lost and foreshadows the excitement that comes with a leap into the unknown.

While his other friends are choosing majors and more conventional jobs, Noah deferred his acceptance to Tulane University to focus on songwriting. The lyrics to his debut single ‘Young Blood’ read as a letter of encouragement and advice to himself as he embarks on this new adventure.

Check out the track below and read what Noah had to say about the meaning behind the song.

“Young Blood came to me at a time where I was desperately lonely and depressed, living in Vermont in the dead of a cold, cold winter. I had been about 6 months into committing to not going to college and being a musician and I would watch my friends form new connections and live their lives while I felt I was moving in slow motion. The song is a reminder to myself why I am here and how to keep my head on straight when it feels like falling off.

Young Blood was one of the few songs that I wrote in about 30 minutes. It just poured out of me to be honest. When Joel and I were figuring out how to produce the song to make it everything it could be, I started to realize how special it could be. Joel’s vision for the song was completely translated into the recording.

My favorite line is “keep your mind, keep your time, and keep humble” because those are words of advice I find myself needing to hear most as I continue down this path” –NK


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