Interview: Loose Buttons


Last month we featured NYC based band Loose Buttons and their track, “Milk & Roses,” and we’ve been hooked ever since. We spoke with the band about their upcoming Sundays EPbreakups, and moving on.

Read what they had to say below and be on the lookout for Sundays on February 24.

You’ve marketed your upcoming EP, Sundays, as a sort of breakup coping guide.  Was there a defining moment where you decided to pitch it that way, or did the songs just lend themselves to it?

The songs really just lent themselves to it. All 4 of us in the band pride ourselves on being honest New Yorkers, so we didn’t want to veer off of that track. Two of us were dealing with breakups, so it just felt right to document those feelings.

Is there one song off the EP you relate to most when it comes to heartbreak? What about in your own listening, is there a go-to breakup song for you from another artist?

All of these songs had their own special way of helping me personally cope with the breakup. We as a band kind of look at it as each song representing a different stage of moving on.

In previous interviews, you’ve listed songwriter influences as Alex Turner and Tom Waits. What about them is the most inspiring and influential for Loose Buttons?

Their genius is pretty inspiring. I mean the way they are able to string words together and tell pretty remarkable stories kind of blows my mind. They are able to write about the mundane aspects of life in a pretty relatable way, so I think their genius stems from that.

As all bands experience the highs and lows of their music careers, Loose Buttons has also seen success and those harder times. Tell us, what got you from the lowest of the low moments to the arching highs?

I still think there is a lot more for us to accomplish and I know we all strive to accomplish more than what we have already achieved. Sure we hit low moments as a band, but at the end of the day we kind of realized that we just love playing music with each other. If you allow all that other bullshit to keep you down, then honestly you shouldn’t be pursuing a career in music.

What has been the most rewarding moment or event for the band thus far?

It’s coming up on February 24th, 2017. The day our EP Sundays comes out.

What’s next for the band and the songwriting process?  Are there happy love songs in your future?

Haha, yes there are happy songs for us in the future. We already started writing new songs for what will be our debut album, and I recently met a girl who has brought back the thrill in my life. It’s nice to finally kick that heartbreak and depression out of the door.

For more from Loose Buttons, listen to their latest track, “Am I The Only Reason.”

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