Feature Friday: Oliver Riot

oliver-riot-matt-young-shoot_06775Feature by Sarah Spohn

Double often means trouble, but in the case of Oliver Riot, Los Angeles-based identical twin duo, it’s just the opposite. The band of brothers (Benjamin and Alexander Moore) and company’s namesake evokes a feeling of chaos, raw energy and rebellion – but their soundscape is a soothing, soulful juxtaposition that somehow works wonders on the ear canals.

Their newest single, “Harder” appears on the duo’s second EP, Neurosis, to be released Feb. 22. “Harder” features vocals similar to that of crystal-clear crooner John Legend’s sultry sounds, laid atop a groovy steel guitar solo. Throw in a few audio clips, likely from retro indie films, and you’ve got the recipe for “Harder.” Go ahead and pull me down harder. Said you’d leave the light on, find some sleep. Slip in motion outta me. Hiding in the water, out at sea. Sippin’ on potions.

If you’re looking for some easy-listening, chill and relaxing music with every single piece in the right place, Oliver Riot is here and lucky for you, they’re not going anywhere. After winning first place in the Grammy’s annual “Rock the Mic Competition,” the duo recorded their first EP, Hallucinate in 2015.

For their latest release, they’re utilizing the same flowy grooves, chilled atmosphere and trance-inducing rhythms perfect for lazy day music. If you’re sick of hearing overproduced crap, relying too hard on cleverly rhymed lyrics, switch the dial to Oliver Riot for a nice switch up. It’s a soundtrack that, although soothing, is anything but a bore. It’s a masterfully crafted sound, with nothing missing, and nothing out of place; perfectly polished.


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