Album Review: Feel Your Feelings Fool! – The Regrettes


Out with their debut album is the charged and powerful band from LA, The Regrettes.  Fronted by Lydia Night and full of a strong feminine base that has been growing and necessary (not to leave out drummer Maxx Morando–who certainly does his fair share), this album has the potential to say a lot.  Feel Your Feelings Fool! is a full experience with fifteen tracks that really pack it in and light you up.

The album opens with “I Don’t Like You” and immediately you get the impression of bands like The Pretty Reckless and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. The new sound is rock centered and bold. There’s definitely a hook and a curiosity for more.

“A Living Human Girl” is real and ruthless and I absolutely love that. The beat is infectious, and the background staccato drums keep it quirky and easy to bob along with.

“Hey Now” has an awesome intro, the guitars creating an atmosphere that holds you for the rest of the song. It’s another bold one lyrically, with a strong and fearless girl who goes after just what she wants, a message that may find traction in our world today.

“Hot” is another song with sass, reminiscent of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.”  There’s an older rock feel with the guitar base and drumsticks tapping in the background.

“Seashore” has a very different sound from the previous tracks, opening a little softer but just as strong lyrically. I love the subtle entry of the verses, slowing back down after the chorus. But don’t think this isn’t a song about holding your own and not holding back when someone’s wronged you.

“Juicebox Baby” continues to switch it up with a faster tempo. Night’s voice is even closer to Taylor Momsen here, though clearly more upbeat and carefree than the actress/rocker.

The rock continues with “‘Til Tomorrow,” which is also a fun track about living for today. It’s honest and simple, a nice little pick-me-up.

“Pale Skin” is the first true slow song on the album. The sound is a little dark, a little heavy. It feels more of a “mood for” song than an all around jam. But The Regrettes bounce right back with “Lacy Loo.” It’s upbeat not only musically, but lyrically–anytime you sing about kisses on cheeks there’s something inherently quirky and fun tied to it. This song actually reminds me the most of Zooey Deschanel, at least as Jess on New Girl if not She & Him.

The beat on “Head in the Clouds” is fabulous, and the higher vocals of Night makes the song a jump around, girls just wanna have fun type of track. Just try not to invoke her unique intonations, I dare ya.

“How It Should Be” is a song that gets real. Lyrically it’s the kind that you can tell any friend or sister is dying to share–to just scream the words and shake someone into understanding a challenging relationship. Musically, the band keeps it fun, with a steady, catchy sound. But then “Picture Perfect” is back to that harsher rock sound. It reminds me of old school Paramore, and the message is even tough.

“Bronze” definitely feels like an album wrap up song, and no doubt a reason why it was placed toward the end. It’s a bit slower, but with a metaphorical element that carries the lyrics nicely. The Regrettes are very much about acknowledging real situations and real feelings, and not holding back from speaking the truth about them. “Bronze” is no exception.

“Ladylike” sounds like a stick it to the man type of song, again in line with saying “fuck society” and being your own person.  And “You Won’t Do” finishes the album with a bang, making it clear that going out nice and neat is just not this band’s style. This is 100% a party song, so turn it up and just rock out.

You can listen to the album in full now on Spotify.

Rating: 3/5

Recommended Tracks:

“Hey Now”
“Lacy Loo”
“Head in the Clouds”


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