Feature Friday: Loose Buttons

losse-buttons-press-photo-credit-spencer-kohn-2016-billboard-1548Feature by Sarah Spohn

Guy finds girl; they fall in love. Guy and girl break up; guy writes an entire record to deal. While the ending of a relationship can be less-than-pleasant, often times the most appealing material can come from it. In this case, NYC-based band Loose Buttons tightened the grip on their new wave pop blend/indie rock sounds on their latest single, “Milk & Roses.”

Turning to music as a healthy self-expression outlet isn’t new for singer Eric Nizgretsky, guitarist Zack Kantor or bass player Manny Silverstein, who played their first gig in Manhattan at the age of 14. After meeting drummer Adam Holtzberg at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, Loose Buttons became the tight-knit indie alternative rock pop group to sell out the Brookyln Bowl, play Times Square, and make their fair share of festival stops over the last three years.

Named after the last ramen restaurant lead singer Eric Nizgretsky and his ex-girlfriend went before the demise of their relationship, “Milk & Roses” and the rest of the EP is sure to include many personal highs and lows that anyone who’s ever been vulnerable in the game of love has experienced.

“After copious amounts of sushi and ramen with my bandmates, I had the realization that it was time to move on and stop dwelling on my breakup,” said Nizgretsky.

While the inspiration for the tracks might not be the most uplifting, it’s always nice to know someone else knows the pain you feel. Even, if only for the duration of a three-minute-track, Loose Buttons latest single, can help you feel pull yourself together, and feel a little more secure.

Loose Buttons new EP, Sundays, is due to be released February 24th of next year.


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