Feature Friday: Hana Oceans

hana-oceans-press-shot-come-with-meFeature by Sarah Spohn

In a widely-conflicted word, finding one’s voice is crucial as an outlet of self-expression. Doing so atop the Spotify streaming charts is just downright impressive. Gothenburg, Sweden’s singer-songwriter Hana Oceans studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston before releasing her first EP last year.

Featured on Spotify playlists in Sweden and Iceland, Hana’s enchanting lyrics have been heard over 2 million streams on New Music Friday and Discover Weekly playlists.

Hana’s newest release,”Invincible Borders” showcases earthy vocals echoing the likes of Florence and the Machine, and focuses on political themes. Hana spoke about her stance on the politically-charged song about the immigration crisis in Europe.

“I can’t be happy in a world where people have to risk dying at sea for the hope of a better life, only to be blocked by borders if they are lucky enough to reach dry land. It upsets me that over 60 million citizens of the earth are fleeing from conflicts,” she said.

“Nobody should have to live in fear and the more that people start to organize the more chance we have of affecting the politics that have led to so many people facing uncertainty every day. However, I want people to know ‘Invincible Borders’ is not about all of the negativity surrounding this political crisis. This song is a reminder that there is hope in the world, and that hope is represented by unity only.”

The track just proves that Hana has not only found her voice, but she’s chosen heavier topics to tackle through her music. Through not settling, “Invincible Borders” is sure to inspire and comfort anyone dealing with unfair circumstances, letting listeners know settling or backing down is not an option.


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