Feature Friday: Tullara

tullaraFeature by Sarah Spohn

The last four years have been spent on the road for 22 year old Australian singer/songwriter Tullara. And chances are the next few years will be even busier after the release of her upcoming EP, Better Hold On, to be released on November 25.

Recorded at Sunshine Recorder Studios in Port Melbourne, Australia, the latest material from Tullara focuses on life’s ups and downs, the choices and consequences from each decision we make.

With clear influences from Australia’s own John Butler, and even dating back to his predecessor, finger-picking guitar maestro Phil Keaggy, Tullara tackles a genre often left to aging male musicians. And she tackles it to the ground in a feat. You’d better hold on is right, this girl’s got no problem with picking and playing guitar with the best of ‘em.

ARIA award winning artist John Butler spoke about Tullara’s music. “Tullara has a way with words and a way with that guitar. Her debut EP bears all the fruit of musician eager to explore, put in the elbow grease and do some soul searching in the process. She’s a gifted artist just at the beginning of what looks like to be a promising adventure ahead,” he said.

The next two months include plenty of gigs for Tullara, on the heels of Better Hold On, with stops at the Queenscliff Music Festival, Sydney, Bristbane and the Woodford Folk Festival.

Adventures wait for this up-and-coming singer/songwriter, you’d better hop on board now (before the “I told you so’s”) and you guessed it – you’d better hold on tight.


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