Feature Friday: Izzy Bizu

izzy bizu
Feature by Sarah Spohn

Girl power doesn’t always have to mean a trio of matching outfits and coordinated dance moves, sometimes it’s a sole powerhouse songstress.

Enter Izzy Bizu stage right. The twenty-two-year-old South London-born singer is already making a name for herself in the British music world. A 2015 Brits Critics Choice finalist and the voice of the 2016 Euros with her cover of Edith Piaf’s “La Foule,” Izzy is laying the foundation for a very successful jazz-fusion career.

Having signed to Sony, Izzy released a six-track EP called “Coolbeanz,” and her single “White Tiger” has seen an impressive 27 million streams on Spotify. She’s currently on tour with the BBC Music Presents Tour making stops in New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago.

The Breakout British star has been penned as the voice of a Lily Allen-meets-Alicia Keys hybrid. Influenced by iconic female vocalists including Amy Winehouse and Diana Ross, this young lady is on her way to making a name for herself amongst the big leagues of strong, soulful female artists.

“I like women who are real women, troubled souls- I understand that,” she said. “But equally, when I supported Sam Smith [on tour], the vocals, his heartbreak, his soul, the energy, it was so inspiring. Being able to get on stage and lay yourself out so openly, ultimately that’s what I’m ready for.”

It’s the rest of the music world that better get ready for Izzy, because her soulful charm and unique voice is about to take the industry by storm.


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