Listen to Maggie Rogers’ New Single, “Dog Years”

You may know Maggie Rogers from when she appeared in a video posted on YouTube of Pharrell Williams teaching a Masterclass at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. In that video, Maggie played an unfinished version of her debut single, “Alaska,” and now she has just released her second single, “Dog Years.”

The track will be featured on her debut EP in February 2017 via Capitol Records. When describing the single, Maggie says:

“Dog Years is about a day I skipped class to stay in bed and make frozen pizza with 
a boy I loved. 
Dog Years is about dance parties in the kitchen. 
Dog Years is about chocolate milk and the Tompkins Square dog park. 
Dog Years is about a thank you note.
Dog Years is about change, about loving and leaving and still loving, about trusting yourself, about trusting the universe, about being a good friend and never having enough time.” 

Check out the single above and be on the look out for more of Maggie in the new year.


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