Single Review: Alex Marshall “My Girl”

Slowly but surely we are getting more from Alex Marshall. Earlier today, he released his latest track, “My Girl.”

Flashing back to the album release party in June, we know a little more about the song. Marshall relayed the story of sharing this song with his family and closest friends. In particular, he was a little nervous to play it for his mom, but as she is one of his biggest supporters and he was clearly proud of the song, he knew he had to. To his surprise, and to quote the song, she thought it was so f***ing good, she couldn’t stop singing it around the house!

“My Girl” is definitely catchy, with its upbeat undertone and those contagious snaps that just set you off to move along. There’s a bit of sway to the verses that keep things smooth. The lyrics are clear and the message simple, you can’t help but sing along.

Once again we’re excited to hear what Alex Marshall’s got in store for us and just can’t wait for more.


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