Single Review: Sammy Rae “Stop Time”


Sammy Rae Stop Time

Sammy Rae is no stranger to Music Creates Us. So it is with much excitement that we bring you news of the official release of her song “Stop Time.”

In a previous interview, Sammy Rae described “Stop Time” as her “why is my love falling apart song.” The song definitely has a breakup feel, yet also manages an upbeat, feel good persona with a jazzy twist. I love Sammy Rae’s voice and the angst she packs in, especially as she’s “on her own” in the end.   It’s a refreshing sound with a kickass attitude.

The song comes from Sugar, Sammy Rae’s highly anticipated new project. The album comes out November 4, but about 50 friends and fans came out to New York to celebrate with an album release party last week. The party was hosted on the rooftop of Flux Studios, but also took guests down into the studio to hear the album in full. You can read a review of the event here.

Take a listen to “Stop Time” and get ready for Sugar next week!


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