Under The Covers: Saint Adeline – “Lean On” (Major Lazer)


Feature Friday alum, Saint Adeline, is next to participate in our Under The Covers feature. The New York based pop/folk group took the stage a little while ago to perform Major Lazer’s “Lean On.” Check out their performance and read a little more about their rendition below.

Why did you choose this song to cover? Is it more about the song or inspiration from the original artist?  

When we first performed “Lean On”, the song was inescapable. It was literally on the radio 24/7, and we liked it so much. We thought a cool way to keep it fresh would be to put a very different spin into our arrangement of it – to reinterpret it with our own earthy style. It’s just such a fun song because it has a really wonderful groove.

How did you make this song unique and fit your band and sound?

The song makes us want to dance.  Bottom line.  So the challenge for us was to serve the groove that the original song has, but to fill it with our blend of harmony and acoustic playing.  Taking the calmness of a bubble bath and marrying it to the rhythmic awesomeness of Major Lazer.

What were your favorite parts to record or perform?

Performing this one live is always so fun for us, because when we play it acoustically our intro is a bit of a mislead.  We start with a free-form jam that slowly builds, so it takes people a second to figure out which song we are doing and then once they catch on, they lose their minds.  It’s so fun to feed off of that reaction.  We love that surprise intro.

What’s the difference between putting a cover on YouTube/Soundcloud vs. a live show?

New fans tend to be drawn in by covers since the music is familiar. So, as a young band, putting a cover on YouTube or Soundcloud helps get more views on our social media pages.  And that is amazing because then those new fans are exposed to our original material, which is what we focus on in our live shows.


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