Under The Covers: Adele “Make You Feel My Love” (Bob Dylan)


Not a lot of people know it, but “Make You Feel My Love” is not actually an Adele original. With its love and heart it sure sounds like something she wrote, but after hearing her talk about it the other night at Madison Square Garden, she makes it clear she could never write something “without any desperation” as she said.

The song is actually a cover of Bob Dylan, which might sound a little odd hearing the way Adele sings it. But that’s part of what a cover is, right? In fact, Adele even said she can hardly understand what Dylan says when he sings it, but that doesn’t make the words any less meaningful.

And in typical Adele fashion, she took a jab at her own songwriting and how most of what she writes is about utter heartbreak. That’s why she said she likes performing Dylan’s song, because it’s not about her for once.  Instead, she can embody a new type of love that to her comes across completely pure. She called it the most beautiful love song, and when she sings it, there’s no doubt it should be on wedding albums.


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