Show Review: Adele


On Sunday, Madison Square Garden lit up for the fifth night with Adele. At eight o’clock the stadium rang out with echoes of Adele asking us all, “Hello?” before rising up out of center stage. The crowd went wild–and later Adele explained, as she is want to talk and laugh–that it took all she had not to shout “Hello!” back in her own excitement.

That about sums up the British sensation: an incredible talent that blows you away (especially live), but a real down to earth spirit with a freedom to just laugh alongside life’s trials. I can’t tell you how many times she thanked us for being there, and hoped we would have fun, because we were essentially suffering with her for two hours of rehashed heartbreak. Of course she was kidding, but the songs do have deep meanings for her.

Some favorites from the night were “Water Under the Bridge,” which Adele described as trying again in a relationship and having it be better than it ever was; “Million Years Ago,” which was shared with a particularly emotional story about Adele going home and visiting a park she and her friends used to hang out in–and the waterworks that ensued.  She kicked up the beat with “Rumour Has It” and “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” saying they were the few songs we’d be able to dance to (and encouraged us to do so!). She even added her own little bite saying the latter was about “someone you just really don’t want in your life anymore.”


The house really started to come down with “Set Fire to the Rain,” part of Adele’s first set of encores (yes, that’s plural). She even had water falling around her on stage! And the “Rolling in the Deep” finale had us all on our feet.

But perhaps the best part of Adele’s show is that it’s not just a concert, it’s also a look into who she is, as an artist and a person. Naturally there were people tripping over themselves to be close to her, and she was sweet enough to not only acknowledge them, but to bring them on stage, and yes, take selfies.

Adele also talked a great deal about her career and her growth and gratitude. She sang “Skyfall,” prefacing with her reluctance to record and eventual awe that she won an Oscar for it. (She keeps the Oscar in her bathroom!) She took her time with “Chasing Pavements” and “Someone Like You,” as well, highlighting how their successes truly changed her life. She seemed especially attached to “Someone Like You,” feeling that it really helped her “crack America,” as she called it. She was incredibly gracious and humble, so when she sings those words you know she means it not only from her relationship standpoint but from what it has done for her career. The emotions, the laughter, the gratitude, and yes, the voice, are nothing but real when it comes to Adele.

To say the concert was a once in a lifetime opportunity might not be such a stretch, either. Adele has been quoted that after this tour she wants to spend more time at home raising her son. She admitted that it took her a long time to enjoy touring, but now she’s having the time of her life. Though she may be going away for a bit, she assured us she would be back, and we all know she’ll be better than ever before.

Hopefully she’ll save one more performance for us (and a win!) at the 2017 Grammys.


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