Feature Friday: The Pressure Kids


We love artists that can make it work no matter what life throws at them, and all the more power to bands who are juggling more than just music on their plates.  Such is the case with The Pressure Kids, who have just started their senior year of college, all while steadily releasing new music. Handling school is hard enough, but pushing forward with recording and promoting your own music deserves definite props.  (See our feature Tunes & Term Papers for more.)

The Pressure Kids, who call Nashville home, are an indie-rock group excited not only for their senior year, but for the new music they have planned to release as their college career comes to a close.  First up is single “Catherine in Moonlight,” a bright and shiny track to start the year just right.  Described as an “anthem,” it is one of the band’s favorites.  Before the release of the track, The Pressure Kids took to Facebook to show their pride:

“This one’s been around for a while,” the band explained, “very special to us. wrote it when we still didn’t have a name and since then we’ve played it in backyards, basements, laundromats, clubs, sweaty packed rooms, empty lonely rooms, festivals, barns, parking lots [sic].”

That statement alone seems to sum up The Pressure Kids–how hard they’ve worked and how much heart they have for pursuing their dream.  It’s with that in mind, and the release of “Catherine in Moonlight,” that has us looking forward to what the band does next.

Keep up the Nashville group as they continue to release new tracks, and if you’re in the Nashville area, be sure to check in to see if The Pressure Kids is playing in town.


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