Review: DREAMERS’ “This Album Does Not Exist”

Review by Ellie Garno

They’re alt. They’re indie. They’re the Brooklyn band DREAMERS. Their debut album This Album Does Not Exist came out Friday, and we are feelin’ it. Recorded at the famed Fairfax Recordings (formerly Sound City) in LA, where DREAMERS now call home, the album includes the singles “Wolves (You Got Me)” and “Sweet Disaster.” DREAMERS has already toured with Atlas Genius, Zella Day, and Stone Temple Pilots, but are also for fans of Cage the Elephant, Guided By Voices, and Night Riots.

The first track on This Album Does Not Exist, “DRUGS,” is another standout, and it’s about living young and wild and free. Also check the drums and guitar call and response at the beginning. Then the newest single “Sweet Disaster” opens with a blink-182 kind of guitar. “And so it goes, we found our sweet disaster in a river of champagne” goes the bass-thumping chorus. More like drunk and in love… Listeners will enjoy the electronic bites and odes to past rock stars throughout as well. “Wolves (You Got Me),” which made its way into the Top 18, closes out my list of recommended tracks. On the first single, DREAMERS channel Weezer with sing-song vocals that add silly to serious. And the “howling” at 2:00? Okay, DREAMERS, we see you.

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Recommended tracks: “DRUGS,” “Sweet Disaster,” and “Wolves (You Got Me)”


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