Feature Friday: Birdtalker

Feature by Ellie Garno

Last Friday, the Nashville alternative band Birdtalker released their debut EP, Just This. Consisting of six songs, recorded at Glass Onion Recording Studio, and produced by JD Tiner (Erin Rae) and Dan Fernandez (Great Peacock), the EP explores themes of adulthood (i.e. the Future) as experienced by Zack and Dani Green of the band. The two formed Birdtalker a few months after tying the knot and have been performing in and around Nashville with acts like The Strumbellas, Escondido, and Marc Scibilia ever since. This Friday, we feature a single off Just This of the same name.

“Just This” opens with the acoustic guitar, then a layer of something electric. The Greens make beautiful vocal harmony together, which is later embellished by background oohs. With lyrics “Lost inside a moment now the moment’s lost/We’re coming back to just this,” they sing of love lost—and found. Light percussion (a xylophone perhaps?) and the keyboard add color to the tune. In a game overdone, Birdtalker is clean and effortless folk-pop.


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