Feature Friday: Jaron Strom


It is certainly the age of social media, and we have another success for this week’s Feature Friday with up-and-comer YouTuber Jaron Strom. The singer was founded in North Carolina by R&B artist Anthony Hamilton.  Strom has since taken to YouTube, Instagram, and now VEVO to boost his following.  Strom’s covers (of course we love his acoustic version of One Direction’s “Half a Heart”) eventually led to his own music.  He has had success with his single “Truth,” as well as his latest music video for his song “Freedom.”

With the soulful sounds of Jason Mraz and Conor Maynard, Jaron Strom has a strong, soothing voice, played off just right to acoustic guitars.  “Freedom” is especially meaningful and romantic, whereas “Truth” plays to the harsher honesty of Nick Jonas of late.  Either way, Strom has a genuity to him, and his management said it right when describing the artist as “focusing on a blend of musical simplicity with wrenching soul and top quality production.” The Carolina native can also be valued for his beliefs that lean toward the Music Creates Us motto, believing in not just simply making music but making music that “touch[s] and unite[s] people across the world in hopes to change and better it.”

You can check out Jaron Strom on his YouTube channel, as well as VEVO for his new music videos.


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