Feature Friday: Mallrat

Mallrat "For Real"
Feature by Ellie Garno

At age 17, I went through one last growth spurt and did my eyebrows in such a horrible way.  Mallrat, however, is gearing up to release her debut EP.  Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, the indie hip-hop artist is equal parts Grimes, Charlie XCX, and Yung Lean. Mallrat has been featured by tastemakers Hilly Dilly, Triple J, and Pigeons and Planes; her new single, “For Real,” is now streaming on Stereogum.  It starts off easy with 80s dance piano and snaps.  Mallrat comes in soon after, rapping/singing—almost delicately—with a thick accent, à la Lily Allen.  On the surface, the lyrics are playful like the tune (e.g. “You didn’t even wanna die once this week/And when you’re around I feel less of a freak.”).  But while written for the young, they’re about problems for the old.  It’s upbeat, but is “For Real” a happy song?  “I hope people can attach it to some memory and decide for themselves,” Mallrat answers.  And that’s what it’s all about.


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