MCU Mondays: dubé


Ottawa, Ontario natives dubé have built quite a bit of buzz around themselves in their local scene and looking to branch out with the release of their EP, OK, and singles, “Bittersweet” and “You.”dubé is made up of three brothers, Liam, Jan, and Quinn.

We asked the band to create a playlist of the songs that have influenced them and their sound. Check out the tracks they’ve chosen and follow their playlist on Spotify!

“Many of these songs are songs we grew up to, rocking out in the back seat of the car, and some have left a dent in our evolution as a band, giving us a wide variety of sounds to be inspired by. This is a set of songs that we’ve listened to throughout our childhood up to today. We’ve let ourselves get inspired to come up with a sound that hasn’t been made or heard and this playlist helped us get to where we are now!”

“Lake Of Fire” – Nirvana
“Novacane” – Beck
“Knights Of Cydonia” – Muse
“Let It Carry You” – José Gonzàlez
“Taken By The Tide” – Mystery Jets
“I Get Around” – The Beach Boys
“The End” – Kings of Leon
“Eyes To The Wind” – The War on Drugs
“How” – The Neighbourhood
“Come In The Water” – The Barr Brothers
“Apocalypse Dreams” – Tame Impala
“Tide” – Junip
“Adrift” – Tycho
“Marina” – Sleepy Sun


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