Album Review: FMA


Another talent has come to us from Brisbane, Australia–Grace Sewell–who has been making waves with her hit cover “You Don’t Own Me” featuring G-Eazy. Known as simply Grace, the singer debuted the song after original artist Lesley Gore passed away in 2015. 

Along with the song comes Grace’s debut album, FMA (standing for Forgive My Attitude).  The album is full with 14 songs, a long feat especially for a debut. At first listen, Grace sounds like a happy mix of Meghan Trainor and Tori Kelly.  Her lyrics and slow, jazzy mixes help to add to the elements that are “Grace.”

Produced well, Grace’s FMA is full of catchy beats, often serving as an immediate hook.  Some highlights include “Church On Sunday” and “Crazy Over Here,” which has an islander/Beyonce mashup going on that’s intriguing and fun.  On the more sentimental side comes “Boyfriend Jeans,” “How to Love Me,” and the ironically fabulous, “Coffee.”

Grace also has that Demi Lovato power to her voice, used in its pure, raw form.  It showcases her talent without any need for synth, even with her expert beats filling the background.  I can definitely seeing her owning a stage, especially in a more traditional or Adele-esque way.  But aside from the comparisons, Grace truly does hold her own.  FMA should be the launch of an exciting career for the young Australian.

Rating: 3/5

Recommended Songs:
“Church on Sunday”
“Boyfriend Jeans”


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